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*************************************************************** FOCUS: Wake-up Call
Disciplines: Systems Thinking, Mental Models. Personal Mastery, Team Learning, Shared Vision

"We Americans have an ability to procrastinate
until we get hit on the head by a 2-by-4."
Warren Rudman


"What shall I do differently?" was the burning question for my friend Dave after his open-heart surgery wake-up call last year. The answer he's come to is "Everything." He's eating healthily and exercising regularly. He treasures his time with family and has changed his relationship to work and stress. He is discovering a spiritual dimension to his life that excites and amazes him.

Many people have called the Sept. 11 events a "wake-up call". I've been asking people what kind of wake-up call it is for them. Here are some of the responses:
1. That could have been me - I feel so vulnerable
2. I don't treat my wife and kids as well as I want to
3. We don't listen to the rest of the world
4. I want to live my values more fully
5. I want a life, not just a lifestyle. Maybe this was our "limit to growth".
6. I keep wondering what truth the terrorists know about us that we don't want to look at.
7. There aren't enough resources in the world for an endlessly expanding population.
8. The terrorists are truly evil. We're going to have to use and stomach dirtier tactics than we ever have to get rid of them.
9. We need to rethink our foreign policy.

The term wake-up call implies we've been asleep. I think we use the phrase when we realize we've fallen asleep in some relationship or system that's important to us.


Imagine how our country might change if everyone listened to their wake-up call, as Dave did, making a wholehearted commitment to staying awake in that system. It might mean acknowledging our vulnerabilities, listening better, aligning our daily lives with our values, shifting our priorities, expressing our values to decision makers, examining ourselves openly, and having conversations about how to be part of the larger world in a way that works for everyone.

If we don't push the snooze button, it could change everything.


Please join me in a telegathering Thursday, Oct. 18 at 12:00 noon EDT (11 a.m. CDT, 10 a.m. MT, 9 a.m. PDT) to share our wake-up calls and talk about how we can stay awake!
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