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********************************************************* FOCUS: Living with Terrorism
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In response to my question,"How do you live with terrorism?"
my friend Marilyn, who lives in Israel answered,
"I build many, deep conversations into my life and I
don't spend much time thinking about the future."


I keep coming back to Marilyn's two responses. They are elegant in their simplicity.

Take the idea of many, deep conversations. What if we regularly talked deeply with our family members? What if we shared our thoughts and feelings and listened well to what is important to them? How different would our families be? What if we risked real conversations with our friends, neighbors and co-workers? What would be different if we approached people who have perspectives different from ours with curiosity, openness? (There is a great book you would like if this idea intrigues you: DIFFICULT CONVERSATIONS, How to Discuss What Matters Most, by Stone, Patton and Heen.)

Take the second suggestion. What if we gave up worrying about the future? Dropped the fear and the anxiety and asked instead, "if these were the last few minutes of my life, would I be pleased with them?" There are many slogans that remind us to live in the moment. A couple of my favorites are "One day at a time," and "Be where your feet are." Still the concept is so foreign to us that most of us only fleetingly experience the relief and energy available when we stop worrying about the future and take care of each moment as it comes. (For a good book on this subject, read THE POWER OF NOW, by Eckhart Tolle).


Try this:
1. Be courageous and initiate conversations you've only imagined, speaking from the heart.
2. Stop yourself whenever you realize you're focusing on the future.

I like what happens by combining these two ideas. Imagine the effect if each of us began to live these simple guidelines. We'd be happier, because nothing nourishes us as well as real connection. We'd be more relaxed, because worrying about the future is draining. And who knows? This kind of real conversation, happening all over, could lead to remarkable outcomes.


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