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"......after the first of the year......."
nearly everyone

So here we are. January. This IS: "after the first of the year." If you really intend to start something new, you're likeliest to succeed if you first make room for it.


* Bob's team reluctantly closed an R&D project that had seemed exciting three years before. The setbacks had been relentless. Much time and money had been spent. The very next day they were presented with an opportunity that used much of what their failed research had taught them.

* Julia Cameron's book, The Artist's Way, includes an assignment of no reading for one week. This was torture for me. It was also magical. Without thinking about it, I hunted up my old wood carving tools. Without planning it, I started to dance.

* Steve stopped expecting his teen-aged daughter to be neat and helpful. What he discovered was that she was bright and funny, and, when the pressure was off, sometimes even neat and helpful.

* Barbara finished her long, drawn-out house remodeling. Amazingly, as soon as that was done, her business took off.

* Angela gave away or threw away bags and boxes of long-accumulated possessions. The next week she met a wonderful man.

* One fall we cut down a 60' tall, scraggly pine tree in our front garden. In the spring a host of new plants and flowers came up, including some 15' tall sunflowers, planted by birds. How long had they waited for light?

The connections are not always clear. What IS clear is that most of us do not have time or space or light or energy for something new in our lives, even if we want it. Without some pruning or shifting or clearing out on our part, we can expect more of the same.

1. How might you let light into your life so dormant seeds can sprout?
2. What expectation (that is not being met) might you drop, in order to see what IS there?
3. What unfinished business can you complete, to make room for something fresh?
4. What can you declutter? What mess can you erase, to open up a path for who knows what?

Happy New Year!

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