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************************************************************ FOCUS: Make Up a Better Story
Disciplines: Mental Models, Personal mastery

We are what we think.
With our thoughts we make the world.


We all make up stories to explain the world to ourselves.

Isn't it interesting that we make up different stories? Some of us make up stories about evil empires to explain the events of 9/11; some make up stories with jealousy of the American way of life at their core, while others make up stories of protest against the globalization of U.S. culture.

The stories we make up are influenced by a lot of things, including our culture, our experience, our habits of thinking. Since we're just making sense of our experience, we aren't usually aware we're making up stories. We don't realize we could make up better ones.

1. Your doctor leaves you a message on Friday saying he wants to talk to you about your test results on Monday. You can make up a story
a. of your own impending, slow, painful death, or
b. about how the lab lost your blood and needs a new sample

2. A friend is acting distant. You can make up a story
a. that she is mad at you, or
b. that she's struggling with something totally unrelated to you and will tell you about it soon.

3. You don't hear back quickly from a job interview. You can make up a story
a. that they didn't like you, or
b. that their focus got pulled somewhere else and the hiring process has been delayed.

Making up good stories is not the same as lying to yourself. If you get bad news or something painful is going on, you need to face it.
But when there is uncertainty, when you really don't know what's going on with a person or situation, you can make up any story you want. And it's easier to live through the uncertainty when you make up a good story.

Here's a question: In what area of your life could you make up a better story?

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