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*************************************************************** FOCUS: Resilience
Disciplines: Personal mastery, Mental Models, Systems thinking

Resilience: The ability to recover quickly from illness,
change or misfortune; buoyancy
Webster's Dictionary

In these uncertain times, it strikes me that resilience may be one of the most helpful qualities a person can have. Studies of people who have proven resilient following tragedies - the Holocaust, natural disasters as well as personal disasters - reveal some common threads. These include optimism, flexibility, empathy, problem-solving, the willingness and ability to talk about the traumatic experience and the feelings it provokes, a good social support system and a strong belief in something larger than oneself.

Resilient people tend to turn terrible events into challenges. They are often their own coaches, talking to themselves in ways that inspire them to see what's possible and move forward.

Given that life seems to hand us small or large disasters on a regular basis, cultivating resilience in ourselves and our children may be one of the most important things we can do.

Coaching tips to cultivate resilience:
1. Accept that change is part of living...consider the worst case scenario, then look for windows that provide fresh views, new possibilities.
2. When facing a seemingly impossible situation, pep-talk yourself, like the "Little Engine That Could."
3. Make genuine connections with people and practice talking through your stresses with them.
4. Trust the natural progression of feelings that follow a trauma, often moving from numbness to mixtures of sadness, fear, anxiety, powerlessness, anger and finally acceptance.
5. Tap into the world outside yourself by nurturing empathy for others and a spiritual connection to something larger than yourself.

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