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FOCUS: Aging Well
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"So far - this is the oldest I've been."
George Carlin


My dad turned 90 years old last month. We had a splendiferous celebration of his life. People came from far and wide, paying tribute to a life well lived. There was a band and a slide show. For many people my dad serves as a model of positive thinking, integrity, generosity and the value of persistent work. I got my basic ideas about management and running a business from watching him manage a robust insurance agency from an office in the back of our home.

After the celebration was over, it occurred to me that we missed a big piece. Current reality. How do you live well at age 90, when it is hard to walk because of a stroke 12 years ago, and you are legally blind? Well, here's how he does it.

1. He's interested in others.
2. He appreciates every little kindness.
3. He loves to learn, watches documentaries and Dr. Phil.
4. He loves a good joke - he laughs uproariously.
5. He's touched by a good story, and lets a tear fall.
6. He loves and appreciates my mom and says so.
7. He remembers the good times and shares them when asked.
8. He enjoys good food.
9. He doesn't whine or complain.

Notice that the words "love" and "appreciation" came up repeatedly in this short list. Maybe the clue to aging well is to continue to love and appreciate.

Remember the old saying, "It's never too late to have a great rest of your life."

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