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FOCUS: Life - a work of art
Disciplines: Mental Models, Personal mastery

"Beholding the work of art they wrought by clinging to life, I am flooded with a feeling like joy, deepened by astonishment that human beings were capable of such a creation."
David Roberts


The quote above is the last sentence in David Roberts' new book, Four Against the Arctic, Shipwrecked for 6 Years at the Top of the World. It details the amazing story of 4 Russian men who survived for 6 years in the Arctic, beginning in 1743.

One can be inspired by such a story, identify with parts of it and glean useful lessons from it. Roberts suggests instead that we take a fresh view: seeing their survival as a work of art which delights and astonishes us!

This suggestion prompted me to think about the usual year-end reviews many of us do - personally and in our companies. We detail accomplishments, joys, disappointments, unfinished projects, etc. This can be very useful.


How about doing it differently this year - viewing your life in 2003 as a work of art and asking a few questions to flesh it out?

1) Is your work of art a painting? a sculpture? a symphony? a novel? a tapestry?
2) Is it colorful or muted?
3) Is it big, medium sized, or small?
4) Where is the energy?
5) Where are the shadows?
6) How does it incorporate the highs and lows of the year?
7) How does it look ahead?

What difference would it make in your life or your company, if you lived every day consious of the work of art you were creating?

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Each month FRESH VIEWS focuses on a single topic, relates it to one of the five disciplines of a learning community, and offers a coaching tip and a follow-up telegathering. Please forward it to friends and colleagues. My purpose in writing FRESH VIEWS is to nurture, prod and encourage readers to think and talk about these topics with their families, friends and colleagues. Mine is only one view. Multiple conversations may deliver us to insights only hinted at here. Such a process sustains the vitality of learning relationships, learning families, learning organizations and learning communities.

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