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FOCUS: Kindness
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"What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?"
Jean Jacques Rousseau

In the last week I've been the recipient of extraordinary kindness. A week ago Thursday Hal and I went on our usual bike ride after dinner. We were nearly home when, starting up from a stopped position, Hal found himself in too high a gear to move forward easily. In slow motion he fell to the right, hit the sidewalk and broke his hip. A man mowing his lawn stopped and called 911. The paramedics took enormous care not to move the affected leg. A nurse walking by in the emergency room propped Hal's foot in a way that made him more comfortable. Friends have fed me and sent Hal cards and fruit and prayers. A neighbor mowed our lawn. Hal's son installed double handrails to our upstairs. I am feeling so full of kindness I want to pass it on.

I am reminded of a retired divorce lawyer I know. As a practicing lawyer he had a reputation for getting people favorable settlements. Once retired, he reflected on all those divorces and wondered if there were any way he could help save marriages instead. People still call on him occasionally to help with divorces, so he has tried an experiment. He agrees to take a case only if the potential client agrees to his terms, which he promises will "smooth the process." Here are the terms: "for one month bend over backwards with kindness toward the spouse you want to divorce." You can guess the outcome. In almost every case the client falls back in love and decides to stay married.

With kindness both givers and receivers benefit. Scott Adams said it well. "There's no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act carries a ripple with no logical end."

1. Be extra kind to the people you love.
2. Look for ways to do random acts of kindness, which ripple out into the world. (Check the website, the website of The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. There you'll find ideas for spreading kindness in your workplace and your community.)

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