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FOCUS: Serenity Prayer
Disciplines: Mental Models, Personal Mastery, Systems Thinking

God, Grant me the Serenity
To accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And Wisdom to know the difference.


This prayer is usually attributed to the theologian Rheinhold Niebuhr. But even he wasn't sure he was its author. "Of course, it may have been spooking around for years, even centuries, but I honestly do believe that I wrote it myself," he mused. Researchers have discovered the first form of the prayer in a book by Boethius, the Roman philosopher, who lived from 480-524 A.D.

Regardless of its origin, perhaps the reason it is so meaningful to people is that it is such a concise prescription for living well, regardless of time or place. The Serenity Prayer is worth pondering deeply. Here are some of the thoughts that bubbled up in my most recent pondering.

- Acceptance is not approval
- Acceptance may include forgiveness
- We can't change others (not even our children)
- We can change the way we think about and relate to others
- We can't change the past
- We can change the way we think about the past
- Serenity is being fully present
- A relationship with God may be the gateway to wisdom

I love the way this prayer is itself a system; enter anywhere and influence the whole.

- When we are accepting, we are wiser and more serene.
- When we are wise, we are serene.
- When we are serene, things are easier to accept.
- When we change what we can, it is easier to accept what we can't.
- Ask God for help and anything is possible.


- Ponder the Serenity Prayer
- Practice it, starting anywhere
- Experience its power

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