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FOCUS: Seasons
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To every thing there is a season,
and a time to every purpose under the heaven.
Ecclesiastes 3:1

The crocuses are up and it is officially Spring! Although it is still cold, the back of winter is broken and I get itchy to be in the garden. In cultures where people live close to nature, the seasons are viewed as symbolic as well as playing an important role in daily life.

--> Spring -- the time of new ideas and creativity
--> Summer -- the time of partnership and holding greater purpose
--> Late Summer -- the time of harvest
--> Fall -- the time of accepting all that is and letting go
--> Winter -- the time of curiosity, wonder and deep quiet

There are also seasons of life, I think: birth, childhood, puberty, early adulthood, middle age, late middle age, early old age, late old age, death. Each season of life seems to have its own joys and challenges. For example, my friend Susan called the adult period when we have small children "the tired years." Dave told me recently he is having more fun at 60 than he's had for years. My mother asked, as she neared death, "How many steps are there to this dying stage of life?"

Perhaps it is the way we respond to the joys and challenges of each season that determines our quality of life. I loved learning recently of the Mid-Life Crisis Band, a group of men who formed a band instead of having an affair or buying a red sports car.

Winter, this season we are leaving, is a time of inner happenings. Yoko Ono called winter "the time of perseverance." I keep several bulbs in my basement all winter, cool, wrapped in breathable paper. I can't see what they are doing, but I know the quiet, dark time is important. Because when I plant them in the Spring, they sprout and bloom exuberantly. I hope my cold, quiet winter will have been as productive.

One thing I love about living where there are dramatic seasonal changes is the continual reminder that nothing lasts too long. This helps me enjoy the loveliness and trust that what is less-than-lovely will pass. Both in nature and in my life.

1. Savor each season of the year and of your life.
2. Allow yourself to change with the seasons.
3. Respect other people's seasons.
4. Be conscious about the seasons of your relationships, your projects, your organizations.


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