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Disciplines: Shared Vision, Mental Models, Personal Mastery, Team Learning, Systems Thinking

The Greater Pittsburgh Coaches Association Invites You

This month I want to tell you about a rare opportunity. The Greater Pittsburgh Coaches Association is offering a full day of free teleclasses, Calling for Action. This is your chance to get a taste of what coaching is like. This entire day is devoted to helping you solve the issues that are important to you and move toward a more satisfying and fulfilling life. I will be traveling on Nov. 15, so will be unable to lead a class myself, but I am the President of this organization and can vouch for the fact that you will be in for a big treat if you attend even one class. The depth of experience represented by these coaches is remarkable. I urge you to take advantage of this unusual offer!


Wednesday November 15th, 2006
8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. EST

How Do Teleclasses Work?

Teleclasses are interactive telephone seminars conducted by conference call. They’re a great way to gain knowledge and new ideas from the comfort of your home or office. Each class is 55-minutes long, and packed with information you can use immediately.

Once you register for a Teleclass you will receive a telephone number. Call this number at the beginning of the hour and a Teleclass leader will be there to greet you. Listen, participate, and bring a piece of paper and pen to write down all the great tips, strategies, and tools you will receive.

The entire day of teleclasses is being offered at no charge. It’s our gift to you. You are welcome to register for up to three teleclasses. EACH TELECLASS IS LIMITED TO THE FIRST 30 PEOPLE WHO REGISTER.

Please note while these teleclasses are free, you will incur a charge for the telephone call in accordance with the terms of your long distance or local carrier. Sorry, no cell phones are allowed for listening to the teleclasses.

Here are teleclass titles. Detailed descriptions and registration are at

Teleclass Titles and Leaders

8 a.m. Stop the War in Your Head! Find Fulfillment, Joy, and Greater Accomplishment with Positive Self Talk (Susan English)

9 a.m. What could you be the Best In the World at? (Tom Volkar)

10 a.m. From Stuck to Unstoppable. How to Command the Confidence to Create the Results You Want (Sam Wieder)

11 a.m. How to Be Great at the World’s Toughest Job: Parenting! Five Practical Techniques to Help You Grow Terrific, Resilient Kids! (Sue Berman)

12 p.m. GET where you want to GO in your career – NOW! (Chris Posti)

1 p.m. The Magnificent and Challenging World of the Spirited Child (Sue Berman)

2 p.m. How to Develop Best Practice Business Skills for Success at Work (Maria Berdusco)

3 p.m. Are you dreaming about retirement? Discover Authentic Retirement (Lynnette Taylor-Criego)

4 p.m. Generations at Work: What You Need to Know to Lead a Multigenerational Workplace (Donna Billings)

5 p.m. Networking Fear Factor Debunked: Synchronicity, Discernment and old Rules v.s. New Rules (Ginny Silhanek)

6 p.m. Building Habits for Success: Becoming the Person You Want to Be (Susan English)

7 p.m. Journaling for Personal Development: A Tool for Self-Awareness, Creativity, and Fulfillment (Susan Moore)

8 p.m. Take Humor Seriously! Stress less and laugh more. (Sally Chopping)

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