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Over the years I suspect everyone picks up tips that really work. These are not deep - just things that make life easier or more enjoyable in all kinds of ways. I was recently at a reunion of old girlfriends. Polly held up her Sonicare electric toothbrush, as in “Exhibit A,” and said, “If you don’t have one of these, get one. Spend the $100 or so and improve the health of your teeth and gums for life.” She said it with such conviction and passion I knew it was one of these almost sacred tips! (Besides I already have a Sonicare toothbrush and agree with her.)

My Favorites

  1. (From a yoga instructor) For backsleepers: put a pillow at the bottom of your bed, under the covers, where your feet rest. It will keep the weight of blankets off your toes and delight the bottoms of your feet.

  2. When someone has been on a trip, clear a couple of hours and invite them to share their pictures and details with you. Have a vicarious trip. Change your mindset from thinking you’ll be bored by the pictures to catching the energy of their excitement.

  3. (This from a physical therapist) Blow as if you’re blowing through a straw instead of holding your breath if you’re having a difficult bowel movement.)

  4. To solve tough problems:

    1. Four days of silence, alone at a beautiful place

    2. (From a yoga instructor) Twenty minutes of the down dog posture

    3. Give the problem to your brain before you go to sleep. In the morning, the solution will likely be your first thought.

  5. Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.( Zen Aphorism)

  6. When someone has lost a loved one, listen deeply as you invite them to talk and talk about that person. It will be a great gift and you will experience something of the sacred.

  7. (This from my father. When he died, it was so easy to deal with the little details.) Get your affairs in order. Have a will, a Power of Attorney for finance and healthcare. Write down where to find your important papers.

  8. When you’re short on money, give to a charity. I don’t know how this works, but it truly does. It seems to stir up the energy around money, and help it flow.


I would love to hear your favorite tips. 


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