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Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI)

Herrmann Brain Dominance InstrumentThe Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument is a fascinating, validated tool that assesses thinking style preferences.  It is more than just another assessment.  When understood as an operating philosophy, Whole Brain Technology can transform a life or a company. 

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Brain Dominance Explained

Brain Dominance ExplainedFor a fuller understanding of Brain Dominance/Thinking Style Preferences and the HDBI, read the article that's been presented to thousands across the country. Excerpted from the seminar series Pathways to Greatness, this material is approved by the Herman Group. Only $1.95.

Liberating Greatness

Liberating Greatness, The Whole Brain Guide to an Extraordinary LifeLiberating Greatness, The Whole Brain Guide to an Extraordinary Life is part fascinating memoir, as Hal Williamson tells the story of his amazing life, and part science-made-understandable, as you learn how to rewire your own brain to create the future you’ve always wanted. Liberating Greatness is about getting your brain to work for you, uncovering your own greatness. This book draws you in and motivates you. It is exciting and energizing as you try some of the suggestions for yourself and find they work!

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